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  • Suspending guest worker visas is the right policy – American STEM workers deserve to work!

    In an excellent USA Today op-ed today, Rachel Bovard defends the presidential proclamation signed earlier this week that the Trump administration estimates will reallocate about 500,000 jobs to Americans in an attempt to bring about an “AMERICA FIRST RECOVERY”.

    The proclamation will prevent issuance of hundreds of thousands of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas through the end of 2020  including most H-1B visas  and big business forces are already prominently arrayed against it. Tech CEOs specifically have received plenty of coverage about their dismay over the move.

    It is important that those who agree with this unprecedented executive action speak up now, sharing good columns like Ms. Bovard’s, and rallying support for the worker-first policies so all the high-immigration elites, and members of both parties understand how popular tightening the labor market is… especially now.

    Rachel Bovard writes:

    …over time [these visa programs] have evolved to serve corporate interests at the expense of both American jobs and the welfare of the immigrants who utilize them.

    …According to the Economic Policy Institute, 60% of the H-1B positions in the fiscal year 2019 were at a wage lower than the local average wage. Increasingly, H-1Bs are used less to secure hard-to-find competencies than they are to subvert the American worker market to get foreign labor at a discount.

    …Our legal immigration system is badly in need of substantive reform to ensure that visa programs, and the immigrants who benefit from them, are not exploited. But as millions of Americans struggle to find work, the measures announced by the White House will finally give them a fighting chance in industries where Americans are too often ignored and displaced.

    We can be sure that the administration is under heavy fire from deep-pocketed interests groups to roll this measure back and not move forward on additional necessary reforms. Tech and other corporate lobbyists are mobilized and pouring on the pressure both behind the scenes and in the media. Who is going to speak up for American workers if not us?

    Mahatma Gandhi
  • Frontline healthcare, transit, and grocery clerk workers are too busy risking their lives helping and saving people exposed to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic to see themselves emerging as the force that can overcome decades of commercial obstruction to full Medicare for All.

    These heroic, courageous, and selfless people are getting the job done, often without protective equipment and adequate facilities. Many of them get extremely sick or die from Covid-19.

    Fat cat CEO’s are placing full-page ads elaborately praising their workers whom they regularly underpaid and disrespected before Covid-19. These bosses are now recognizing both the physical and moral courage it takes for these exceptional saviors to serve their communities.

    What is emerging from this catastrophe is an exceptional class of millions of potential advocates receiving mass media coverage. Deeply personal profiles and first-person accounts of the pain and anguish they endure fills the news. They have experienced firsthand the perverse priorities of the profiteering corporate health vendors that are leaving tens of millions of innocent families uninsured, underinsured, and without paid sick leave.

    Now shift the scene to the only obstacle to single-payer universal health insurance in America – the corporate indentured Congress. Out of 535 Senators and Representatives, 135 in the House already support H.R. 1384 full Medicare for All with free choice of doctors and hospitals. This much more efficient and comprehensive lifesaving system is far superior to our current profits-first morass. In the Senate, add another 30 supporters. With about 200 more converts for Medicare for All, a veto-proof passage is possible.

    Now can come the steely determined Covid-19 workers with their national advocates representing all their skills and geographic regions, heading straight for Congress. In relays, day after day, observing CDC guidelines, they will find Congress mostly AWOL. These days Congress is only periodically present for pressing financial legislation. The frontline workers can push for Congressional hearings, floor debates, and then voting. No more lies, delays, distortions, or domination of members of Congress by the corporate crime complex. The legislators are directly told they work for the people, not the corporations pouring money into their campaign coffers.

    These Covid-19 workers cannot be stared down or flimflammed. They have the decisive karma that veterans’ groups often have with Congress. They have seen more fatalities among their protectees in three months then the U.S. soldiers lost in the Korean and Vietnam wars (apart from the massive greater casualties on the native peoples). They have experienced the staggering pressures of their hands-on service from ambulances to intubations and the solitary deaths of their patients. While members of Congress huddle at home, they are shamed by the low-paid valiant toil of exposed grocery, public transit, and sanitation workers who don’t have the luxury of laboring remotely.

    This new unstoppable non-partisan assemblage of Americans will have plenty of backup. Funding by well-to-do people will be forthcoming. Experts like Dr. Stephanie Woolhandler, Dr. David Himmelstein, Dr. Sidney Wolfe, Dr. Michael Carome, former Nurses Union leader RoseAnn DeMoro, who keenly understand the tactics of the medical corporatists, are on hand. So are the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) and many other consumer and labor groups.

    The polls will expand from a present, majority of Americans, doctors, and nurses to even greater numbers backing universal health care coverage. Rising to greater prominence to lead the way in Congress will be the long-supportive Representatives and Senators energized and propelled by this new, relentless citizen dynamic demanding action now!

    What should have been done over a hundred years ago, when Republican President Theodore Roosevelt proposed universal health care, should not be stalled any longer.

    Not when 1500 to 2000 people lose their lives every week because they can’t afford to be diagnosed or treated in time, according to a new Yale study.

    Not when an average of a billion dollars a day is taken by billing fraud according to a conservative estimate by the leading expert on such crimes – Professor Malcolm Sparrow of Harvard University.

    Not when a minimum of five thousand people a week die from preventable problems in hospitals (not including clinics) as reported in a peer-reviewed Johns’ Hopkins School of Medicine analysis. Putting people before profits would lower that horrendous casualty toll substantially.

    Not when numerous countries, including Canada, cover all their people at half the price per capita with better outcomes, free choice of physicians and hospitals, and peace of mind.

    Maxine Waters
  • THIS ISSUE: Court indicates Obama didn’t have right to create DACA. But it bars Trump from ending the amnesty — for now.

    FRI, JUN. 19th

    We all were shocked and extremely disheartened when we learned that the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision ruled that Pres. Trump could not end DACA immediately.

    However, the Court did not rule that Pres. Obama’s creation of DACA was constitutional, nor did it rule that the current President doesn’t have the legal authority to end DACA.

    This was not a satisfactory ruling, but it certainly isn’t the defeat that many initially perceived it to be; nor the victory that those on the pro-amnesty side are claiming.

    WHAT is DACA?

    There are two basic parts to DACA. The first being that DHS (Department of Homeland Security) under Pres. Obama exempted from removal illegal aliens who had entered the United States before the age of 16 and before June 2007, and who met certain other requirements. This exemption was originally to last for two years. DHS subsequently implemented a renewal process that extended DACA eligibility for two years. That renewal process is ongoing.

    Pres. Obama claimed prosecutorial discretion gave him the authority to do this. This is a mischaracterization of prosecutorial discretion, which is exercised only on a case-to-case basis, not by allowing a broad category of persons to violate the law with impunity. Furthermore, the Executive does not have prosecutorial discretion when it comes to immigration enforcement. It is only when an illegal alien is placed in removal proceedings that an immigration judge has the authority to decide if that individual has a compelling reason to be allowed to remain in the United States.

    The other part to DACA, and the one that has largely been ignored in media discussions of the program, is that Pres. Obama gave work authorization to DACA recipients. This allows them to work in the United States without restriction. This is a benefit and in direct violation of federal law.

    The Obama Administration attempted to portray DACA as part of an enforcement priority strategy. They claimed they were allocating limited resources for the apprehension and removal of dangerous criminal aliens instead of targeting “otherwise law-abiding” illegal aliens. Few would disagree that law enforcement should prioritize those who present an immediate danger to the community, no matter their immigration status.

    Barnie Fife
  • With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, the Trump administration continues to allow hundreds of thousands of temporary guest workers into the United States.

    In his op-ed "Pause Guest-worker Visas during a Pandemic," Ryan James Girdusky talks about the H-1B visa, the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, and why they need to be paused.

    “It makes no sense to bring in these extra workers during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Over 40 million Americans have lost their jobs since the pandemic began. The last thing these citizens need is more competition from foreign workers. President Trump could help Americans recover their old jobs, or find new ones, by suspending guest-worker visas….

    ….In our nation’s capital, tech companies pay H-1B software developers up to 36 percent less than American software developers, according to a new report from Ron Hira, a professor at Howard University….

    ….both OPT employees and their employers are exempt from payroll taxes. That exemption, which saves employers thousands of dollars per OPT hire, makes these foreigners more attractive to businesses than equally qualified Americans….

    ….Today, guest workers comprise two-thirds of all IT hires under 30. Meanwhile, one in three recent American graduates with computer science degrees couldn’t land IT jobs..

    Benjamin Nettenyahoo
  • Tired of paying taxes while the rich receive corporate socialism, corporate welfare, crony capitalism, and monopolies that have an unfair advantage over small businesses that have to compete with cheap labor from poor countries?
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    Benjamin Franklin

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